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Expression in cell level and interaction resource of non-coding RNA biomarkers for cancers

e.g. lncRNA: ANCR               

piRNA: piR-1245          


circRNA: circ_0028502

miRNA: miR-199a-3p  

gene: SNHG7

SCancerRNA documents 9,880 entries of non-coding RNA biomarkers for human cancers by manually curating 7,785 published literature, corresponding to 9,306 lncRNAs, 250 miRNAs, 47 piRNAs, 54 snoRNAs and 223 circRNAs. To facilitate the application of biomarkers to the diagnostic, clinical and therapeutic aspects of cancers, SCancerRNA provides experimentally supported biological function (cell proliferation, growth, apoptosis, autophagy and Epithelial mesenchymal transformation) and clinical application (migration, metastasis, circulating, survival and recurrence) of five types of non-coding RNA biomarkers. Additionally, to focus on the expression of genes corresponding to the above non-coding RNA biomarkers in different cell types of human cancers, SCancerRNA provides data on differential expression analysis of a total of 1,897 ncRNA genes corresponding to 2,018 non-coding RNA biomarkers for 19 cancer types at the single cell level by collating 28 scRNA-seq datasets. SCancerRNA also allows users to explore the interaction networks of different types of ncRNAs, which facilitates the construction of more accurate computational models of cancer diagnosis, prognosis and personalized therapy.